Lost in Translation

12 December 2009 to 13 June 2010
Famous Tim!
Freeform log cabin
Level of completion: 
Completed and given away

I'm playing, absently. I have lots of blue fabric that wants a permanent home; who am I not to oblige? I wanted something freeform and relaxed, and this seemed like a good way to play. I wish I knew more about the fabric I'm using for the center of each square. It's a print fabric ©2002, but I have no idea who made it. I'm cutting very, very carefully and sewing with itty bitty seam allowances on that center fabric, as a result. Mustn't waste any; I think it's safe to assume I will never find it again.

I liked the oceany colors. I specifically thought of sea and sky when initially pulling them out; several of these fabrics are from my Hawaii trip a year ago.  The person I think this quilt is for has traveled widely thanks to military service, and the theme and colorset feels right.

I do need to pester Asai to find out how badly I'm mangling the characters as I cut up the fabrics.  Lost in translation, indeed...

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