8 April 2018 to 6 November 2018
Big Hearted
Level of completion: 
Completed and given away

Sea Shanty is the third in a series of (I think) four Pride-themed quilts I'm planning to execute. It won't be as brassy or bold as its cousins, Queer as Fuck and This Heart Fights The Good Fight, but it's for another friend who finds comfort and meaning in the idea of owning a Pride-themed quilt.

Though, in fairness, this quilt started choosing its own path within a half-hour of Erin starting to pick fabrics. What was intended to be a specific color gradient got tossed aside as she started picking fabrics she loved. At one point I laughed and said, "I want to introduce you to the work of Heather Ross, because you've just selected every single fabric of her design that I own."

When placed together, a theme of water, ocean, and sea creatures appeared immediately.Sea creatures and mermaids

While the interior fabrics only make small references to the sea, the exterior heart fabrics pull heavily from Heather Ross' famous Mendocino line, which I've hoarded for years, especially those large-scale mermaid prints. I saw no reason to hoard them any longer; can YOU think of a more appropriate quilt to include them in than a sea-themed quilt?

More details as the background fabric and contrast stripes are selected.

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