You'll notice that the menus on the right-hand side look a little different than they did before. I'm in the middle of revamping domesticat to make it easier to maintain, because easier maintenance means that I'll post more often. Since life's been a bit busy this month, I figure I need to get moving on learning how to make 'cat.net as carefree of a task as possible.

Jess and Gareth arrive back tonight, marking the beginning of the great exodus back to Huntsville. Next up is Katharine, returning from Sweden. Then the geeks start arriving in earnest—Terry and Brad and Sean and everyone else flocking this way for the Labor Day weekend party, which is turning out to be much bigger of an event than I ever dreamed possible.Heather's bringing apple pie. Brad's bringing Hot Death Uno. Tonight I confessed to Heather the dream I had the other night—that we all played Twister in the living room. Might have to look into this.

I'd better type fast. Tenzing is jumping back into my lap as quickly as I can put him back down on the floor, so that means he's seriously wanting scritchies. Ahhhh…Jeff's picking up the slack and giving Tenz the scritchies he so plainly wants.

Spent most of the evening over at Heather's. We watched Erin Brockovich.

Tenz refuses to wait any longer. Time to post.

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