Pardon the dust.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and finally decided to do the jump today. Which, of course, meant there were immediate and nasty repercussions.

I've imported all my users, entries, comments, and categories into drupal. Why is a long story, and one that's likely to come out over the course of the next few days, but it's been brewing for a few months. It has had no small influence on my hesitation to post here.

I really should warn you people

It only took me fifteen months to get around to taking down 2003's "temporary Valentine's Day design."It's installed, with a photo that might, or might not, be temporary. (Never again shall I be more specific than that when it comes to designs on this site!) Behold the thickness of my Librarian Chic Glasses … which I hardly ever wear out in public. (Tree reflections in glasses are courtesy of Brian & Suzan's backyard.)

Atom feed now available

Hey, if you wanted more syndication options, all you had to do was ask, jeez! (Ok, so I actually remembered to check my 404 logs.) Those of you who are needing more goodness, but haven't bothered to check the dropdown box for linkage...well, there are a few options:

New search capability: comments

At long last - you can now search through entries and comments on domesticat. I know, I know, this feature has been years in coming, and I know that a couple of you (*ahem*Geof*ahem*) have been wanting this feature implemented for quite a while now.

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October updates/changes

#1 - friendly URLs at last!

I've added my own version of friendly URLs to this site. All old links to the site should work, but from now on, links should be a little easier to remember.

New version:

Similar changes have been made to category and user links, but I won't bore you with those. If you find any pages whose links don't work properly, let me know, and I'll patch things appropriately.

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Pull quotes? An opinion poll

I've been pondering the idea of adding pull quotes on this site for quite some time. I'm aware that many of the pieces I make available on here for reading are quite long, and I've often wondered if I should treat them as they would be treated if they were in print. (Obviously, I'd need to turn them off for the lynx/PDA versions of this site.)

I'd welcome opinions on this subject. You can email them or place them in comments.

(Longer post forthcoming, hopefully today, if I can edit it into a shape I like.)

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