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Funny—it doesn't look much different around here, but oh, at last, at last I get to say the words I've been dying and itching and wishing and dreaming of saying for a long, long time now:

Welcome to, powered by Quarto.There is a lot left to be done. A few of my entries were categorized through the usernames I originally used to post them, but those were less than a hundred of the ~640 posts I have archived on this site.

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New skin: acquiescence

Bad things are bound to result when friends bring digital cameras to my house. In this case, many cute kitty pictures were taken. My original intention was to make a skin based off of an interesting road sign near my house, but as usual, the creative muse doesn't always listen to sound advice.

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If you're interested in getting an email when new posts get added here, go to the signup page to get yourself on the list.

I might eventually do some mailing-list-only content. Haven't decided. It's always an option. Cheers.

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New skin: ironworks

"Five?" he said, somewhat incredulously. "You have five designs sitting on your computer right now? Why don't you actually finish one of them?"

Not a bad idea, that. Therefore, I present skin number fourteen, "ironworks." It's definitely for CSS-capable browsers. If you're interested, wander over to the skins page and take a look.

Who knows, maybe I'll finish the other four unfinished designs, too. Post comments if you run into any problems, or (better yet) can confirm happiness in browsers aside from IE6 and Mozilla.

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Mind the mortar, it's still wet behind the ears.

I stated to Brad that there's something inherently satisfying about coming out of a multiple-day binge of code-fu with a successful result. In this case, 'success' means that the cats are annoyed, the spouse hasn't talked to me much in a few days, and I forgot to brush my hair this morning, but I've accomplished so much code work that I find myself pleased nevertheless.

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Gothgirl and new random-entry scripts

In lieu of a new journal entry, I proffer the latest skin, "gothgirl." Like all the others, it's available at the skins page. With it, I'm inaugurating a new script that I plan to make available in a few more of the skins soon: random entries.