A sudden sense of quiet...

Ever wondered what goes on in the head of someone who maintains a personal site of this size?

Currently on my plate: the big evil project I've been sitting on for a few months. Namely, back-entering all of my old entries into greymatter. This is long, boring, tedious, and mind-numbing work. (Did I mention boring and painstaking?) As soon as that is done, a couple more items from my wishlist can fall into place. The reworking of the archives means that all of the archive pages will be html 4.0 compliant.

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Site renovations...

The next stage of the domesticat overhaul has been taking place today, behind the scenes. I apologize for those of you who have stumbled by while I was in the midst of changes.

Most of them have revolved around the installation of the newest skin, pazdziernika.What the heck? If you're asking that, you aren't the first person—that honor goes to the friend earlier today who blurted out, "Ames, when did you start sticking random Polish words into your skins?"

The answer: it isn't entirely random.

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At last.

Guys, it's been six months of work. It's over. is finally skinnable.

First off, I owe two people massive hugs, thanks, appreciation, and probably a dinner and a few drinks apiece:

Gareth.They each know why, but I feel like telling the world anyway.

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As of Friday afternoon, I'm doing a major overhaul of the site. This includes changing filenames. Things are probably going to be horked. Come back a bit later today and things should be righted. (If this message is gone, then everything's back to normal.)

Oh, and you'll probably have to change your bookmarks. Yeah, I'm a bad domesticat. I know. *mrow*

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Is it time to get ugly?

If you haven't read it yet, you should wander over to a list apart and read their article on the current state of the web.

Third time's a charm.

I am heartily sick of my site.

To the casual reader it will seem that I haven't been working on my site much this week. The lack of posts have had more to do with frustration and fraying tolerances than anything else. My attempt to port greymatter (the software that manages the journaling portion of this site) to the new machine was a clunky, dismal failure.

That was the first time. The second time was also a clunky, dismal failure.

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