At last? At last?

It looks like I have finally managed to get greymatter functioning on this site. She's limping along a bit and I don't know why, but if it means that I can finally start posting again, then I'll take what I can get.

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Dance and rejoice!

What a lovely, lovely thing. Remember what I said about updates being sporadic for the next few days while I got greymatter implemented? Thanks to one last big push to get the archives done, the entire site (as of about an hour ago) is now fully automated on greymatter.

I love it. I can implement a new design in less than an hour. This looks to be absolutely fabulous.

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apologia - bring on greymatter!

My updates over the next 2-3 days are likely to be sporadic at best. I am halfway through converting my site from Blogger to Greymatter, but I've come to the part of the conversion that is most difficult—the seven months' worth of archived journal entries.

testing, testing, and more testing.

Well, the redesign's up. Mostly. I lack a few things getting done, such as tweaking the guestbook (which is always the last to be updated). Greymatter is about 95% set up and is waiting in the background for one last thing…I have to figure out how to hack in my old entries so that all of my journal entries will function under greymatter. I'm not terribly keen on having to maintain six months' worth of my really long entries by hand every time that I want to do a page redesign.

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Dear God, I hope that's just about everything, because my eyes are about to cross with tiredness.

As you can undoubtedly see, I've posted the bits-of-changes to domesticat. Yes, the header's a graphical one now. It's approximately 31K; I wanted the filesize to be smaller, but I haven't found a compromise that I like just yet.

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Site updates and design tweaks

Lots of thoughts going through my head today. I spent most of the day at the computer, working on things that I wanted to work on for a change. I spent a good hour or two revamping how I do archives here on domesticat, and I'm pleased with the results. While it requires a bit more effort on my part, I think that it will make more sense to you, the reader.