apologia - bring on greymatter!

My updates over the next 2-3 days are likely to be sporadic at best. I am halfway through converting my site from Blogger to Greymatter, but I've come to the part of the conversion that is most difficult—the seven months' worth of archived journal entries.

As a result, the time that I would normally spend working on daily entries is still going into the site—but just part of it that you don't see.I'm hoping that the transition will be a mostly seamless one. There will, however, be some changes. I'm still working out exactly how I'm going to handle the archives page. A bonus is that each entry will, once it is archived, have its own separate page. Since my entries are generally long ones, this pleases me.

Blogger's been useful to me. I donated when they asked for donations—because without their software I probably wouldn't have continued working on domesticat for more than three months. But it's hard to argue with the sheer flexibility of greymatter, which offers me the opportunity to truly template all of my pages—not just the ones that are part of the posting-archiveindex-archives loop.

The end result will be that with greymatter, I can execute a design makeover of domesticat within thirty minutes—and most of those thirty minutes will be while I change the guestbook script, which has to be done by hand.

It looks to be truly worth the time and effort I'm putting into it. And yes, I'm a good citizen—greymatter is donationware, and I've donated.

Something good: I think I am finally getting well. This weekend, I had the energy to work on cleaning the house—something I really haven't felt like doing since early December. (Jeff was an incredible help.) I started noticing at the end of last week that I wasn't exhausted by the end of a workday. Last night I went home and actually wanted to cook—something I also haven't done much of since early December. After that, I watched Ally McBeal and then worked on domesticat for a few hours.

It feels like I have more hours in the day. It feels like I'm actually awake for most of those hours. I don't think I realized how tired I'd been until I wasn't tired any more.

So, hopefully, I will get the errata ironed out of both geek-chick and domesticat, and then I can move back into working on real journal entries instead of apologies.