In case of rapture, plz feed cat.

As we all know, things on the internet can be changed after the fact, so let's archive a few things relevant to the upcoming weekend:

What do you say to those who insist we cannot know the precise date of Judgment Day?

song and sense

I admit it. I'm a definite fangirl where Josh Ritter is concerned. I can thank Adam for turning me on to his music. There's something in his manner of storytelling -- literate, thoughtful, playful, emotional -- that delights me every time a new album comes out.

Theology meets data structures

Jeff (aka @eaton) and Larry (aka @TheRealCrell) are two truly nifty and interesting people I've met as a result of being on the fringes of the Drupal community. I've been watching this exchange scroll by on Twitter with a mix of admiration, amusement, and need for aspirin. Will be completely impenetrable and boring to anyone who isn't either 1) fascinated with religion or 2) fascinated with programming structures.

Banner trouble ticket day

Moments like these are why my co-workers settle in to read my trouble tickets with amusement:

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Princesses and women

I think my frustration with the modern-day obsession with princesses has been noted, right? I fluff my feathers and squawk a bit every time I see grown women sporting clothing that proclaims them worthy not by dint of action or personality, but just by the sheer fact that some bint with a title chose to spawn, and they are the undeservingly-privileged results.

A quote worth remembering

CNN reported that Dr. Jerri Nielsen has died. If the name tickles a memory in you, she was the sole doctor in Antarctica when she diagnosed herself with breast cancer during Antarctic winter, requiring her to treat herself for breast cancer until a risky South Pole rescue mission could be undertaken as soon as winter ended..

A quote of hers struck me as particularly memorable; it put into words something I've been trying to say a long time but never formulated properly:

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