Gonna need a montage.

I've taken the rest of the week off of work in a fit of "oh crap I will be on the road for HOW long? and what can I finish if I focus on nothing but sewing for a week?"

We're gonna need a montage. I realize that a movie about quilting can only go in either the "Beautiful Mind" (crazed genius throws fabric about long enough that amazing things happen) vein or the "Waiting For Godot" vein (audience sits around, waiting for the explosions and car chases that never happen) vein.

Gimme gimme four chords (and satisfaction!)

Here, have some video awesome. This is the Australian comedy group's Axis of Awesome performing "Four Chord Song." There is apparently more at but I haven't looked there, yet, because I have to do stupid things like scrub green paint out of my hair before going to work.

Brief 1-second profanity near the end if you're listening at work. (Slackers!)

Friday music, holy water, Van Gogh, borscht

I'm a bit more careful about broadcasting my location these days, but now that I'm -- uh, back in Alabama? -- I'll say that I had a good time in Minnesota. I should post some pictures, shouldn't I? First up, though, a gentle bit of listening pleasure for your Friday. Guster still sounds like Guster, but the images in this video are the real winner.

Lunchtime music: The Avett Brothers

It's Monday. You need a little lunchtime music love. You know you do. The Avett Brothers are just fun, fun, fun. (If you're unfamiliar with the Avett Brothers, picture a trio-sometimes-quartet of punkers playing bluegrass-influenced rock.)

blogiversary ten

An odd realization: this blog, as of today, is ten years old. I'm not sure I ever expected it to hit this mark, given that I've been pretty quiet the past couple of years, but it seems to be finding its footing again as a place I can show photos of what quilts I've been working on.

song and sense

I admit it. I'm a definite fangirl where Josh Ritter is concerned. I can thank Adam for turning me on to his music. There's something in his manner of storytelling -- literate, thoughtful, playful, emotional -- that delights me every time a new album comes out.