Sentient phones aren't quite here yet

If you ever wonder why it's hard to walk away from work, it's because exchanges like these happen when you least expect it. As a setup: Adam is one of our new Australia staffers, who was on the last leg of his journey home to Australia after working in Boston for three weeks.

Somehow, I think he's going to fit right in...


wurk wurk wurk SAUSAGE wurk

This is what happens when a particular man tells a particular off-color story after a particularly long day at work. Not everyone in this story is heterosexual. That's all you really need to know.

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Promising, very promising

Some mornings, you sign in to IRC and get the sense that it's going to be one of THOSE days:

[09:03]    * esmerel-laptop rocks in the corner, gibbering. *
[09:06]    * neclimdul sips his coffee and stares at the screen blankly *
[09:35]    walkah: Vertice: whores? where!?

Needs a name other than "Chomp"

Naming projects turns out to be a weird business. I love archaic words, blatantly stealing from other languages, quirky turns of phrase, self-referential nomeclature, you name it.

This quilt, though, is refusing to name itself, so let me introduce you and see if anything comes to YOUR mind:***

Gimme gimme four chords (and satisfaction!)

Here, have some video awesome. This is the Australian comedy group's Axis of Awesome performing "Four Chord Song." There is apparently more at but I haven't looked there, yet, because I have to do stupid things like scrub green paint out of my hair before going to work.

Brief 1-second profanity near the end if you're listening at work. (Slackers!)

Diesel Sweeties notes

I'm finally getting around to reading Diesel Sweeties. The first panel of this cartoon begs to be an avatar for me.

/glares at Tenzing

/notes she's being ignored by the sleeping cat