Lunchtime music: The Avett Brothers

It's Monday. You need a little lunchtime music love. You know you do. The Avett Brothers are just fun, fun, fun. (If you're unfamiliar with the Avett Brothers, picture a trio-sometimes-quartet of punkers playing bluegrass-influenced rock.)

Princesses and women

I think my frustration with the modern-day obsession with princesses has been noted, right? I fluff my feathers and squawk a bit every time I see grown women sporting clothing that proclaims them worthy not by dint of action or personality, but just by the sheer fact that some bint with a title chose to spawn, and they are the undeservingly-privileged results.

Thoughts on someone else's thoughts

Those of you who have been reading here for a long time know that I don't often just post links to other articles. It's not my style to publish things without writing my own commentary, but I'll say this:  Take ten minutes out of your life to read this.

It won't go in the direction you probably think it'll go.

Her Morning Elegance (reblog)

I admit, this is a shameless reblog from SassyBlonde's YouTube Roundup, but I'm with her on this one: Oren Lavie's video for "Her Morning Elegance" just makes me happy and I can't even explain why.