Soon, the brave new world

We've been in the middle of a major transition in our living room; we've sold off several components, bought a few others, and drastically changed our media consumption to fit our new equipment and plans.

We sold off our old media box, our old pre-amp, a vintage tuner, and our old 32" tube television. We added in a newer flat-panel television and media box that greatly simplified the number of cords needed to make our entertainment system work.

Take away the binky

What if you just -- stopped?

A little while back I referenced the idea of a media blackout. I didn't say that I quietly put the blackout in place as of that post, and have consciously avoided the hamster wheel of news since then. Unsurprisingly, I'm happier. I pick up tidbits from friends on facebook and twitter, but by and large, the world is passing me by for a while.

Jeff and I are considering taking another, more blasphemous step. We bought a media device that lets us play video files on our house server, as well as Netflix Instant streaming, youtube, and another couple of sites. We're getting ready to do a media overhaul in our living room (our TV is a decade old) and he asked a question that I'd thought about before but never seriously voiced:

"What if we cancel our satellite subscription?"

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molasses promise

I am loving HBO's show Trueblood if for no other reason than the music. Jeff and I have been having fun with the opening and closing music for each episode. Somewhere around the chorus, the closing song for this week's episode made me turn to Jeff and say, "It sounds like Fleetwood Mac meets dirty south."

Livesnark the debate goes national!

It's not just the locals ... twitter users everywhere are using the service to livesnark debates and other current events.

Current TV (available on Dish Network, DirecTV, and other places) will link up people posting to #current on Twitter during the debate by broadcasting those tweets on-screen.

This story would be better with flutes

Certain conversational gambits should come with warning flags. I've decided that any conversation I start that begins with the phrase "So I was on the elliptical, and I was thinking…" should be treated with the same level of skepticism and distrust given to any conversation that starts with "There was this one time at band camp…" Nine times out of ten, it's going to be a boring, dull recitation -- but it's the pesky tenth time around that'll get you when you're not looking, and make you wish you carried a big fat wad of mental floss in your pocket.