More twitter tests on shuttle launch day

I'm retesting the twitter_blackbird module to see if I can track down the glitches I saw last time, but in the meantime, here are my two favorite tweets from the morning:



It was this, or opposable thumbs

Since I tend to speak for the cats a lot, I thought I'd make it official.


(also, I'm helping the creator of the Twitter Blackbird module for Drupal test a D6 version.)


Over years of texting and communicating through IM, you develop linguistic conventions that communicate emotion even through the impersonal medium of text. For me, an ever-present one has been the ellipsis; it denotes a moment without words. Often it's slackjawed astonishment. Sometimes it's laughter.

Yesterday it was tears.

Drupalcon notes: Best Practices in Contrib Development and Support

For new, improving, and prospective module maintainers.

What's expected

You're not forced to do anything. However, if you post it, you're endorsing it. At that point, you have some responsibility. You'll need to work with the security team on fixing vulnerabilities, and support your code. Clearly communicating your intentions to your users is good, too. Poorly maintained projects give us a bad name.

Best practices: Community Management

How to enlist help:

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Drupalcon notes: Theming with Skinr

Themer Pain Points

  • Lack of mockups = no big picture planning
  • Lack of time = sloppy CSS
  • Crazy selectors = less reusable code
  • After completion = not much flexibility, low shelf life

You're doing it wrong if...

  • You're not styling default Drupal elements
  • You're excessively targeting IDs
  • You're writing super specific CSS
  • You're creating a new .tpl file for each little change
  • You're not structuring markup in a way that is flexible

Skinr lets you

  • Create your own reusable style definitions in the theme layer
  • Lets you creat your own CSS classes and forget about drupal
  • Makes your styles point-and-click

Where it shines:

  • Contrib themes
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