Remember me? I live here

It has been a hectic few months. Travel enough and you have this constant, vague sense of displacement; wake up, and you wonder for a moment, where am I today? You are frequently a timezone ahead, or a flight behind, or some combination of the two, and every hotel room has an alarm clock that works in a slightly different way.

Even the cat is sleepy

It was one of those Clean ALL The Things weekends. (If you've never read the comic that inspired that statement, stop now, go read it, and then come back here.)

After a bench scraper, lots of bleach, elbow grease, and the passage of time, my kitchen is no longer a disaster zone. I had to resist the urge to lie on my countertops, to attempt to cuddle with them.

Thanks for the prayers; can you help take the cats to the vet's?

I have an email to quote first. The sender is real. I'm leaving the email address in.

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From: morningwood2010 [at]
To: me
Subject: Religion + Jeff

From Jeff's blog: "I am so incredibly sick of religious extremist

I was not able to read anything about Jeff's "life-threatening"
accident so I cannot comment about it.


I make constant snark about Tenzing, but I couldn't say "free to good home" and mean it. We are companionable, he and I. We spend a great deal of time annoying each other, as these photos attest:

Taking no chances here...

This may be overkill, but here's a way to be absolutely certain that my wishes are honored. This morning, I initiated paperwork to arrange for Brian Richardson to have medical, legal, and financial power of attorney in case I am incapacitated. Suzan Richardson will be his alternate (though my expectation is that they would make decisions together).

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Signal delay

Dear Jeff ...

I don't chronicle your week-by-week progress here. It's hard to explain why. I think it's a combination of protectiveness (of you) and fear (of what the rest of the world will think). I think everyone knows from either reading the teamjeffie updates, or reading between the lines here, that you're lucky to be alive at all. You're lucky to be awake, and breathing, and aware of anything at all.

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