I make constant snark about Tenzing, but I couldn't say "free to good home" and mean it. We are companionable, he and I. We spend a great deal of time annoying each other, as these photos attest:

Quite the sense of entitlement, this one.Yes, I'm comfy, actually
He nests during the day, when the sun streams in from the south.The sunbeam is perfect, thanks
If you look at the sewing machine, you can see I'm trying to put the first half of the binding on. Would he move? Leave? No.Do you MIND?
Doesn't care what I do, but if I toss him on the floor he'll be right back.

Brat.Benign overseer
I tossed him off. He was back very quickly.Oh you're done? Naptime!

I'm almost done with Eat This Quilt, which would be a huge, huge milestone for me. I was working on this quilt top the night of Jeff's accident, and it could have been easy to let this quilt get tarnished by those events, but I've been slowly plugging away at it for the past few months. Having thumb tendon problems for six months will slow you down, too.

Notable: borrowing the board room at my workplace during my lunch hour to pin this king-sized beastie:

The board room wasn't being used on my lunch hour, so I had a marathon pinning session in lieu of an actual lunch.Borrowing the board room

Around the time of the most recent hospital stint, I decided to try out my hand at English paper piecing. It turned out to be remarkably relaxing and portable, and it ended up being my Do While Watching TV project. I've now got enough of these little (0.5" per side) hexagons attached to squares, plus blank squares, to do a baby quilt.

An odd little project I've been picking away at in my spare time - English paper-piecing these little hexagon flowers, and then using fusible web to put them on fabric squares.

(Hexagons are 0.5' on a side.)Little flowers for the garden

I'm probably going to call it "Lily," but that's undecided.

My next big project will be one from the archives; it's been unfinished for quite some time, but I finally know how to proceed. It's time to get cracking.

I am -- slowly -- starting to return to life, eight months post-accident.