Drupalcon notes: CCK to Fields - Getting There From Here

Flexinode was available from 2004-2007, versions 4.4-4.7. It introduced the idea of custom content types. Problem: it didn't work at all in Views. Was rewritten to scale better. CCK, the successor, lived from 2007-2010, in versions 4.7 to 6.x.

Early on, it was table-segregated by type of data: text, integer, etc. Didn't last long. Now: if the same field exists in multiple content types, it all goes in the same table.

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Drupalcon notes: Facebook Applications in Drupal

Notes:  http://dave-cohen.com/

Facebook Application Development Platform

Facebook has done some basic verification on the users, with email addresses or CAPTCHA, so you're somewhat more assured of reaching real people. Obviously, you can tap into these users' social networks.

Dev platform was created in 2007. Allows anyone to add features to facebook.com. Early apps were aggressively viral; this has calmed down recently. Today it supports

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Drupalcon notes: the Chaos tool suite

Collection of tools. Intended to be zero-dependency. One step above core, in Earl's view.

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Drupalcon notes: Objectifying PHP

(No, PHP, your ass doesn't look fat in that. Honest.)

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