Yesterday was a good day

Sean is being kind enough to loan me his extensive CD collection for today. I'm using this quiet morning to create new CDs to listen to at work. This pleases me immensely. If you've peeked in on the catcam then you know that I spend most of my working day with my headphones on. New music is always welcome.

I've got a dishwasher full of dishes that need doing now. I'll get to them in a little while; Jeff is still sleeping and I'd hate to wake him up. So I'm in here, writing a domesticat entry a bit earlier in the day than usual.

Brad pointed me to his site yesterday. His ranting commentary for September 22nd contained a paragraph that really just summed up why I've done my best to keep this guy in my life since first corresponding with him in 1994:

"I don't think I'm going to try to understand the mentality of those people serving on the Surrey School Board. For starters, I'd have to cut out the parts of my brain that deal with logic, compassion, understanding and reason. And that's a surgery that I'm not willing to go through."

He's all kinds of classy, and sometimes I think he doesn't even realize it. (And boy, am I gonna get it when he reads this, so maybe I should pour it on a little more thickly…hey, he's single, easy on the eyes, and has a stable job. But he lives in That Other Country Up North[tm].)

(I should note that I had more to say, but it's awfully hard for me to concentrate on saying nice things when your kitty is licking your toes.)

I'm also wondering when I became the champion of my single male friends. Must be the den mother in me. I need more single female geek friends to introduce them to.

(Edmund has decided that my toes are no longer interesting, and has now decided to sit in his usual perch atop the bookshelves. Either my toes are now clean or they are no longer tasty.)

I just called Katharine—we're supposed to go to Big Spring Jam today but the weather looks particularly yucky. We may well just decide to entertain ourselves indoors today. She's going to give me a call later, and we'll figure all this out.

Meanwhile, I want breakfast, so I've just set up another CD to burn. I think I'll go have some cereal now.

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