tired roadtripwarriorgirl arrives home

I’m home from vacation.

Looking for pithy commentary? Look elsewhere tonight, please. I had a nerve-wracking morning. The details of this morning’s events concern the well-being of a friend; and I am unsure of how much detail I can go into on this website. For now it must suffice for me to say that I was (and am) upset, worried, and hoping that the person in question is doing better than they were this morning.

I came home to a decorated living room, presents, and a sit-down dinner for eight. It was wonderful.Call it what you will, but I’ve been blatantly reminded over the past week or so that there are some people in the world that love and care about me very, very much. It was wonderful, being spoiled rotten for a few days, then driving home to find another houseful of folk who were very happy to see me after a week’s absence.

The drive (something like seven hours) is catching up with me. There’s a level of exhaustion that makes you sleepy, and then there’s a level of exhaustion that leaves you with shaking hands, dry mouth, and a total inability to sleep. I fear I’ve crossed over into that state.

But, tonight, for the first time in a week: my own house. My own bed. Jeff. My kitties.

I went away because coming home is wonderful. The rest (the Chicago trip from hell, Springfield, friends, gaming, etc.) will just have to wait for another night and another entry.