Some lot of friends YOU are!

The results from the ‘friend quiz’ test have been an almost endless source of amusement for me. I originally posted about the test last Wednesday; I left the entry on the main page for a few days so the more infrequent readers would get a chance to take it.

Andy and Geof both scored 90, and it got worse from there. I’ve had great fun ribbing Jeff about missing a question that even he admits he knows the answer to. As he put it, “I just didn’t read all the answers…”So, without further blathering, the answers to last week’s quiz:

Who nicknamed me ‘domesticat’?
a. Andrew
b. Monica
c. Brad
d. Jeff
e. Danno

The about page for this site would’ve helped a few of you…

If I return to school, what will I study?
a. Classical Literature
b. Philosophy
c. Creative Writing
d. German
e. French

Perhaps a slightly confusing set of answers here. I thought I’d explained how burnt-out I’d gotten from the deconstruction of ‘works of art,’ but perhaps I haven’t ranted on it as much as I’d thought. Creative writing, most definitely.

What is my undergraduate degree in?
a. MIS
b. Philosophy
c. English literature
d. Political science
e. German

An intentional attempt to trip some of you up. I started out as a literature major (see previous question) and decided to finish up as MIS. Don’t worry; it confused everyone else too.

Which is NOT the name of a former or current cat of mine?
a. Piglet
b. Tenzing
c. Edmund
d. Felicia
e. Little Bit

I thought this would trip a lot of you up, but most of you got it right. All you had to do was ask yourself, “Given her strange sense of humor, would someone in her family name a cat ‘Piglet’?” The answer is yes—we did indeed.

What’s my favorite wine?
a. Pinot Noir
b. Gewürtztraminer
c. Cabernet Sauvignon
d. Chardonnay
e. Pinot Grigio

If you’ve played Scrabble with me, you know that I’m usually equipped with a half-bottle of Gewürtztraminer. Supposedly it makes me play better; truthfully, I just like the spicyish taste good Gewürtz has.

What’s the name of my hometown?
a. Tull
b. Benton
c. Bauxite
d. Bryant
e. Sheridan

Shame on every one of you who got this one wrong! I talk about the place enough!

How did Jeff first find out about my existence
a. a road trip I took
b. my web page
c. an email I sent
d. a mutual friend
e. my ISCA profile

I think only the people who knew us back then got this one right. It’s true—yes, Jeff contacted me first, not the other way around. He spotted my profile, which pointed to my web page (this was in ‘95 mind you) and then emailed me. It all went uphill from there.

I love most card games, but not this one. Which?
a. gin rummy
b. uno
c. bridge
d. poker
e. solitaire

Bleh. I hate bridge. For all of you who thought I hated poker (and there were plenty of you), come on over and bring some quarters. I’ll send you home poorer. Eye-wink

My favorite musical artist is…
a. Tragically Hip
b. Jonatha Brooke
c. Nick Cave
d. Ani DiFranco
e. Steely Dan

Yep, it’s still Ms. Brooke, though I have to admit that I gave Steely Dan 9 points out of a possible 10.

What’s the farthest I’ve been from home?
a. Queensland
b. Washington, D.C.
c. British Columbia
d. London
e. Tijuana

The pictures page helped a lot of you out with this one, I think. If I’d been somewhere farther away than British Columbia, I certainly would’ve posted pictures about it.

So, now I have my proof that I really haven’t talked about every single thing on Heh. Somewhat comforting, that.

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Andy, we rule! :) And Amy, I love how you said it all went *uphill* from the time Jeff contacted you. Schmoo.