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In an effort to make the ultra-unhip appear fresh and new for spring, the front page of the site now displays shortened versions of several of the most recent entries. Yes, I'm catering to you goofy folks who have better things to do than visit my site every day to see what the last 1500 semi-coherent words have sprung from my keyboard.

That, or someone complained (the fiends!) about how I'm writing a lot now, and that the old way of showing entries on meant that once an entry was a day old, it got booted off to the nether regions of the site, never to be seen again.

Of course, I could've chosen to write less voluminously or frequently, but that would be such an incredible cop-out. I do have (shockingly low) standards to uphold, you know.In addition, Gareth has suggested an interesting idea. Instead of my typically-endless mental kvetching to Jeff about how it might go over, I'll just ask. What if I displayed the full text of only the most recent entry, and then underneath that provided very brief versions of, say, the last 5 posts? (PHP is a very, very useful thing, I tell you!) I find the idea intriguing, but since there are only about eight people reading this site, you can all vent your feelings in the comments section without fear of overloading the server.

I should mention, though, that things are looking up! It appears we have eight regular readers now; up from 2001's season-high of three. Next year, the management wants us to shoot for a double-digit readership.

They said something about ads and sponsors and thirty-second commercials, but I have to admit that I was staring out the window at the time and didn't pay much attention to them. Apparently I have to come up with a double-digit readership or they're going to start forcing me to do horrible things like product placement. I can guarantee you that it won't be cool stuff like cans of Whoop Ass. No, they'll make me pimp dreary and stuffy things like wine journals and label removers.

For some reason, they think that's my demographic. Would you believe they actually said something about targeting the "twenty-something, wine-drinking, yuppie types with aspirations toward 'homey' hobbies like knitting and cooking"?

I honestly thought you guys were so much cooler than that. Really! Oh, well. I guess the 'cool' readers can go read whatever weblog is the 'in' weblog this week.

As for the rest of you losers, you're on garden duty with me this weekend.

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8 people? You naive girl you. :) I think the idea of the long post and then really short versions of the other posts on the front page sounds like a good idea. That way, we know if we missed a post or two along the way.

Hey, hey! No making fun of the eight readers! We don't want to frighten them, now do we? *grin*

I love the idea. Wow, only 8 readers? I will have to tell more people. I now read this right after I check my email every day. I guess I am basically admitting I have no life. By the way, what are YOU planning for your garden these days?

Real simple: the ants are gonna die. :) ...and, okay, I admit it. There are significantly more than eight readers. Just pretend I didn't say it, ok? It's just between you, me, and those soon-to-be-perished ants.

I'm also notoriously impatient. The changes have been made. I was actually a bit disappointed at how easy the script was to write. I got stumped for a while, but it was maybe a half hour, and I figured it out all by myself anyhow. Bizarre. At this rate, I might start believing I've learned something.

/me laughs at it all No, Amy, when you were talking about just eight readers for a site ... hey, wait, how the HELL DID YOU GET INTO MY SITE LOGS!

Some of us would much rather have eight genuinely caring and interested regular readers rather than eight thousand readers reading for the wrong reasons. =)

I know that feeling, Noah -- we've talked about this occasionally. I realize that the writing I'm doing here is pretty far out of the norm, and honestly, I think I'd rather have it stay that way. I'd start suspecting that humanity was headed for a quick and untimely end if everyone started taking the interest and time to sit down and read somewhat-reflective prose each day. Best way I've found to stay relatively unknown is to refuse to play the "if you link to me I'll link to you no matter what" game. I only link to people whose writing interests me, and generally they're off conducting their lives while I'm equally busy conducting my own. Does absolutely nothing for one's site stats but does wonders for the quality of your links. I like that a lot better.