If I wave a blowtorch over the egg...

Weekends at Brian and Suzan's are always interesting. Always. The conversations are the best part. After all, have you ever had this conversation over good barbecue before?

Amy: "So how much goat's milk are you selling now that the goats are starting to produce extra milk?"
Brian: "Well, technically, the sale of goat milk for human consumption is not allowed under Georgia state law."
Amy: "But there's always barter…"
Brian: "Yeah. That, and we know some people whose cats apparently have an unhealthy love for goat's milk."
Jeff: "Or, better yeah… 'Yeah, it's my … um, lizard! Yeah! My lizard loves goat's milk!'"
  *eating noises*
Amy: "Have I mentioned this is damned good barbecue?"

More barbecue, more chowing noises, more random chatter. As a result, I now know at least some of the directions for pasteurizing goat's milk.

Jeff: "Then there are these places now that can flash-pasteurize stuff. You know the drill—you raise the milk's temperature to something like a half-million degrees for 0.000000001 seconds, and then it's pasteurized."
Brian: "Yeah, but timing's kinda critical for that sort of thing. You know, it's like the idea that if I can bake a cake in 30 minutes at 350 degrees, I should be able to bake it for 5 minutes at something like six hundred degrees. 'Yeah, honey, if I wave this blowtorch over the egg…oh, look! Breakfast's ready!'"

As long as you don't mind that rather-high risk of charring the egg, that is…