Site updates: navigation, skin changes

Some major changes to today - I've completely changed the navigation. I've had the same three-section navigation (words/pictures/etc.) for about a year now. In that time, has become even more focused on words instead of photos, so I've changed the navigation to reflect that.

New setup should hopefully be a bit more intuitive to new folks:

  • Essentials: the bare minimum.
  • Options: changing the look and feel of the site
  • Extras: pages you'll probably check once a year
  • Collected words: certain categories of posts (code bits, IM transcripts) that are going to see more traffic than others

The other changes will affect the longtime readers more: I've gone through a good number of skins and made changes today. I've fixed the nagging problems with 'nautical' (today's word is "finally!"), as well as given the following skins customizable sidebars:

  • "maiko" (#7)
  • "pazdziernika" (#6)
  • "nautical" (#5)
  • "Brad's Blues" (#2)
  • "mint" (#1)

This means that only "No-graphics" (#3), "Touch of grey" (#4), "myeyes" (#12), and "pda-friendly" (#13) do not have customizable sidebars. If anyone's interested I'll do the customization to "no-graphics", but the other three have design elements that will make it difficult, impossible, or just plain stupid to implement that level of customization.

Next up, I have really got to get the site-search function written/fixed. It's been down since I moved to Quarto. Ah, well, such is the life when you write your own CMS.

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Funny ... I just felt the urge to change to a blue skin. I like the pink and all, but I'm a guy. And there's only one blue skin! Oh well, we don't need to all be blue. ;)

Yay for being productive! ;)

Oh, yes. Definite yay. However, I just took a look at the current list of questions for Ask Domesticat and my brain literally oozed out of my right ear. I think that means I'm done for the day.