Still the rottenest. Go us.

Proof positive that anyone seeking the rottenest of the felines doesn't have to go much further than the foyer of my house. As usual, the little darlings (and I say that with all the latest in dripping-sarcasm technology) have been extraordinarily helpful with all house chores and activities, ranging from reading to room-painting.

(Click on a photo to get a larger version.)

Think you're going to be the only one sitting in that chair? Think again:

Single Image

Anyone wishing to sit on this couch will need to contact the owner, who is currently unavailable at the moment due to an unfortunate and unforeseen encounter with a rogue sunbeam:

Edmund, simply too exhausted to continue.  WIth what?  Who knows.Flickr

Since the couch is taken, perhaps you thought you might get some computer work done? Not so fast. Fang-the-smaller is in full maharajah mode, and expects adoration:

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Planning on repainting the bedroom? The feline inspection of color chips is supposedly rigorous and grueling, but it looks an awful lot like naptime to the untrained human eye:

Single Image

Once the color passes inspection, you must breach the Guard of the Sleeping Cat in order to tape down the trim for painting:

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Mission accomplished? Cats gently shooed out of the way so that painting can begin? As soon as the fumes come out, they take their refined (some might say prissy) little noses elsewhere. By the time you stagger out of the room, high on paint fumes and achy from standing on the ladder, you find that Fang-the-smaller has dismissed painting as too much work and gone back to his prior job, shameless laziness:

Single Image

(Remember, this is a majority-orange cat.)

It's a wonder I get any painting done at all with all this help.


LMAO! The cat-boys strike again! I especially like the first picture of Edmund trying his "puppy dog eyes" trick. A close second is the kitty-in-the-corner-blocking-Mommy picture. Glad you survived painting!

i must have been one in a past life, though not as purty. just as lazy, tho.

All house cats take laziness as a right. Mine are shining examples. I'm actually NOT done painting yet. I have one more wall to go - it's the one with the wall-mounted bookshelves, so it's the most work of the four. I'm sure that as soon as I re-enter the Painting Zone, I'll have plenty of help yet again. I expect that Edmund will spend the time on the guest bed, preening and occasionally 'talking' to me. Most other folks don't see the boys when they're relaxed like they are when it's just us. If they did, then they'd know why I say these two have to be part Siamese - they talk all the time. To the walls, even.

Someone needs to tell my Kara that Maine Coons aren't supposed to be very vocal. She LOVES to talk, especially if it'll get her scritchies. Good luck on that last wall - it'll be tricky, even without the kitty help. to Siamese, Maine Coons are very talkative! Having owned two purebred MCs - one SGChamp having passed at the age of 19yrs - I can attest to their 'puppy-cat, child-like, talkative' and don't forget oh-so helpful ways. Danielle: Has Kara 'trilled' or 'chirped' or even 'head-butted' you? Most certainly MC traits! ;)) Amy: If you survive the painting, please post a pic of the final results. I'd love to see how close to this page's minty color your walls are?!

Kitten, oh yeah - Kara does all that and she's only part MC. Trills, chirps, head butts, gets into EVERYTHING, acts like a dog half the time, pounds on doors until they open... She's my demon child. Amy has some pictures she kindly took of the brat. I can't wait to see what the room looks like with the Tree Fern color! With luck neither of the cat-boys managed to add green to their coloring of orange & white. Pics of the room & more pics of the boys, please :) :) :)