Photos: Phoenix, Grand Canyon

[full photoset on flickr]

So that's what the photos from the Grand Canyon look like. I wasn't able to get Matt and Kara's computer to play nicely with my card reader, so even looking at the photos had to wait until I got to California, but a few of them were actually worth the wait.There are about twenty photos in this batch. I took more, but decided to prune out the obvious duplicates. I'll post the photos from Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona separately. Right now I have a choice: sit here and work on photos, or make myself some lunch and enjoy an exquisitely sunny day.

I have a 4 p.m. play date with a very exuberant Labrador retriever, whose day job is to be a hearing dog for one of Noah and David's friends. We're going down to the beach, and we're planning on having a lovely romp.

Sunset and rock formation photos can wait. It's time to play.

Noah's photo.  Playing Frisbee on the beach at sunset with Julie and her hearing dog, Matea.Julie, Matea, and Amy

["Julie, Matea, and Amy" -- original on flickr]


The circles are irrigation patterns. They're circles because at the centre of each one there's a massive sprinkler.

By the way, nice pictures. =)

Brad is right, and I concur on the photos.

I concur as well, having driven cross-country a few times and seen them from the ground. Though don't think the "massive sprinkler" is some monolithic behemoth that rises from the ground at the center and sprays a thousand-yard jet of water... it's actually a big wheeled frame that runs the radius of the field with a pipe along the top. The water pressure turns the wheels and then the water's sprayed from sprinkler heads along the top. It slowly rolls around the field that way... :)