Assessment #1

So how'd meeting #2 go with Val? Let's see. Since March 19 (that's 48 days), I have:

  • lowered my body fat percentage by 2.3%.
  • lost 5/8" off of each arm.
  • lost 1½" from my chest.
  • lost 2" from my waist.
  • lost 1½" from my hips.
  • lost 2" from my thighs.

Ok, so I technically gained a quarter of an inch on my calves, but it's so obviously muscle development that Val instructed me to ignore it.

I was summarily informed that these results are somewhere between spectacular and insane.

I can work with that. :D

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"[T]hese results are somewhere between spectacular and insane." Uh, yes. :)

See, sometimes it's good that I don't know what's expected/normal (see also weightlifting) but sometimes it DOES help to know what's normal, so you know when you've actually done well.

:D Fabulous!

I've been following your journal since I found it from Noah Grey. I have to say I'm inspired to no end at what you are accomplishing and it really makes me want to go out there and figure out a way to do it for myself. Because I need it too.... I just haven't been able to take that first step yet. I'm not sure why. Keep writing as its amazing to read. :)

I'd have to agree with Sprite! You have been an inspiration for me too. It's really neat to be able to follow you and track the successes of someone who's real!

p0$+ teh JPEGS!!1! (as the l33t kiddies say)

Congratulations once again, I still find i am amazed with this site as well as your success. as previously stated by Todder and Sprite your an inspiration to us all.

Congratulations! I'm about 30 days into my training and have lost 4 pounds and dropped my BMI a couple of points! Keep up the good work!