25 random things about me

I have now been tagged for the "25 random things" meme about ten times, so I suppose I should actually pony up and generate a list.  Many of you should recognize some or all of these, but people who are newer to in general won't know all of them.  For extra bonuses, I'll link to some entries.

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Expression of color

I hate the concept of 'bucket lists.'  Life is so fragile and short, and I think I'd rather put thought and energy into experiencing life instead of just checking things off a list that ends with "and now that you're done, hurl yourself off of a cliff."

Thus the 'life list' at which a few of you have seen so far. Not things to check off, but experiences I want, accomplishments I'm seeking, skills I'm willing to learn.

2008: music in review

I'm taking a cue from Geof and Brad, and posting a list of my 2008 music in review. ObNote, of course, is that my account on made it incredibly easy to compile this list. This December marks four years of tracking my listening habits through their software, and it's been a fascinating exercise.

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pack and panic

We are going to New York.

Jeff and I don't 'vacation' together often. He has the same love for quiet days at home that I do of plopping myself in a new city and learning it by wearing out the soles of my feet. The typical end result (which you will see in December) is of me packing a small bag and Jeff dropping me off to catch a plane heading off to parts unknown.

(...and I don't even like to fly!)

106 Books: the Amy edition

Stolen from Stephen and Misty.

Misty: "These are the top 106 books most often marked as “unread” by LibraryThing’s users. I’ve bolded what I’ve read and italicized what I started but couldn’t finish..."

49 read, 2 in progress, 2 instances of sheer loathing:

The Aeneid
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
American Gods
Anansi Boys

The librarian, her tea, and her quirks

In life, there is a continuum between money and time. Most people, in order to make the amount of money they want to have in their lives, must sacrifice time. Those who want lots of time must give up money.

Money's good.
No time for writing.