2015 in books

Unlike last year, I made my goal explicit: 50 books in 2015. Goodreads posted a lovely Year In Books page, which shows what I did this year, but I tend to capture this sort of thing for my own memory: (raw list here)

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Show your nerd! (NPR's science fiction / fantasy book poll)

Over on Facebook, Jenny posted NPR's recent results of their Top 100 science fiction / fantasy book poll. (Printable booklist is here.) I'm including links to help combat the blowback from the "BBC thinks you've only read X of these books!" memes that have come around, amidst much shouting...

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Seeking participants for literary chain letter (2)

I've got two people willing to play along with the book swap, and haven't asked at work yet. Anyone else? I need to either tag up or bow out in the next couple of days. See for info.

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Seeking participants for literary chain letter

I got a fun letter in the mail from a friend this week, asking me to participate in a bit of literary chain mail. Since I'm posting it here, that should indicate I'm interested.

The premise is pretty simple. I send a used paperback -- one that I liked -- to the person included on the back of the letter I was sent. (It's the person who invited the person who invited me.) I then send the letter out to six of my friends, and change the address on the back of the letters I send so that the books will be sent to the person who invited me.

Rushdie quotations

I've been wrapped up in Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Feet for a few days now. I realized I was on to something unusual when I started flagging passages every few pages.

Comments from the narrator so far:

Love and freedom

But love is what we want, not freedom. Who then is the unluckier man? The beloved, who is given his heart's desire and must for ever after fear its loss, or the free man, with his unlooked-for liberty, naked and alone between the captive armies of the earth? (p. 53)

Linkfood of the day

Two links, partly because they both interest me and partly because I need to test whether or not my changes have fixed the permissions problems I was seeing yesterday (HT to Geof for tipping me off) --

Sun acquires mySQL - cue standard O NOES from all involved geeks until we have some idea how this will actually shake out. I won't bother to pretend I know, but I'll be watching with avid interest ...

and excerpt of Iain Banks' new novel is available on Orbit books -- and yes, it is a Culture novel. I've heard references that indicate his Culture novels are each intended to serve as a different perspective on the same civilization (from inside, from those they conquer, from those who run it, etc.). (Thanks, Patrick)