From oooh to purchase

I should have found the Decemberists earlier, but that was my own fault. Looking back, two of my friends had tried to introduce me to them several times before, but I'd either gotten distracted, forgotten, or otherwise blotted out the recommendations from my memory.

Then Adam hit me with the music hard enough that I could not ignore it. We'd recently begun re-exploring the similarities in our music tastes. Were I at home, I would trawl our chat logs to find some appropriate and pithy comment, but you know what? I'm in Atlanta, wearing a shirt from the concert, and I think that says enough.

I'm at a complete loss at how to describe the Decemberists, but I'll say this: I acquired their entire back catalogue in record time. From oooh to first purchase was a matter of days; I would have bought all their albums sooner if I hadn't gotten the tickets to the concert and realized that I could buy the CDs at the venue, thus guaranteeing the musicians involved actually profited from my appreciation.

Photos of the swag will have to wait until I return home.

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Nevertheless, I attach my [currently] two-photo photoset of the concert, and say to Stephen and Adam: You tried to tell me. Maybe next time I'll listen a little faster.

Addendum: Since I was asked, here's the setlist.

  • Crane Wife 3
  • We Both Go Down Together
  • Bagman's Gambit
  • Odalisque
  • Perfect Crime 2
  • Los Angeles I'm Yours
  • The Tain (all parts)
  • O Valencia!
  • I Was Meant For The Stage
  • end main section
  • Encore 1: 16 Military Wives
  • Encore 2: Mariner's Revenge Song