Jeff's debut

Jeff had his first performance with the Huntsville Master Chorale today. I used the performance as an opportunity to test out my new camera. I made some mistakes, but I also got some very good photos.

I borked the white balance prior to the show, so everything after the rehearsal had to be photochopped because the color was blown out. The blue channel was very serviceable, so I extracted just that, deepened the blacks, and got some serviceable black-and-white photos out of them.

I'm slowly learning how to use this camera.

Nevertheless -- see the photos here. Yay Jeff, who donned a tux and did a solo and got kudos for it afterward. I got to show the woman sitting next to me his name and say, "That's my boy."

Warm fuzzy all around!

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Wow, he didn't tell me he got a solo!! That's fantastic! (That new baldy look is going to take some getting used to. :D )

joyeuse: I didn't know I had it when I talked to you. At any rate, it was a mini-solo, and LOTS of people got them. However, there's a funny story lurking there which I plan to post about tonight. :)

Nice photos, and Jeff looks great up there! Hooray!! P.S. So jealous of the camera. I'm still scheming as to how to get my hands on one by Christmas. Hmmmm...

I am surprised that just the blue channel came out so well. You can tell there is not a lot of blue in faces, but it still works. The new haircut seems to work for him surprisingly well, too.