Your red shirt is a flotation device

At long last, it's happened -- the final two drupal modules I've been hoping would be upgraded to version 6.x have received those upgrades. I am now making preparations to make the major leap from drupal version 5.x to 6.x.

In the tradition of all upgrades, this is surely going to cause to explode. However, better than my workplace's site. Fewer of you are likely to call my house in outrage.

At least, I'd like to think that's the kind of relationship we have, right?

More updates when we're^H^H^H^H^I'm done. [send tea plz?]

Update, 9:30pm local time: We're not fully back up, but the site is upgraded and most of the modules are functional again. %*@&)! gravatars.

Update, 10:00pm local time: Gravatars still dead. Alphabetical archives live. Monthly archives grring at me. %*@&)! gravatars.


Just checking to see if comments are back up as well.