We have ways of making you nap

Consider this portion of yesterday's twitter traffic:

  • Itarille: Almost want to say screw working out, go home and take a nap...
  • adamrg: @Itarille Naps are for next week! Gosh, it is almost vacation time!
  • Itarille: @adamrg but wouldn't I waste a lot of my holiday time if keep zonking out on naps? :-)
  • adamrg: @Itarille That's what holidays are for. I'll talk to @domesticat and we'll make sure that we have enough time for lazy reading/napping.
  • domesticat: @Itarille Vacation napping is awesome.
  • Itarille: @adamrg @domesticat how is the night sky in Everett? I want to see a nice, starry night sky...
  • adamrg: @Itarille We can accomplish that. How about we find a nice camping spot on the beach, and lie on the beach and watch stars?
  • domesticat: @adamrg Yes please!
  • Itarille: @adamrg wow, that sounds amazing.. :-)
  • domesticat: @adamrg Two thumbs solidly up it seems!

In all seriousness, do you know anyone whose response to "How about we find a nice camping spot on the beach, and lie on the beach and watch stars?" is anything but HELL YES SIGN ME UP NOW WHERE'S THE BLANKET?

(Six more days! Not that I'm counting, or foaming at the mouth, or anything.)

I plan to turn on the daily twitter reposts while I'm gone. Obviously, Adam and Asai and I all have twitter accounts, and we'll be together for quite a few days in a row. (I suggest at least looking afraid, even if you really aren't.) Technically, Brad and Jeff have accounts too. However, Jeff never uses his, and Brad won't be posting anything from the cabin due to the fact that we 1) won't have internet access there and 2) Brad still regards cell phones as a voodoo he just won't do.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my to-do list wants a cuddle.