Why my co-workers think I'm 'special'

Ever have a moment where you read over what you've just written and realize why your co-workers think you're a little touched in the head?  I just did:

This coder is new to me.  This means I can't vouch for his development style.  I have no idea if he uploads barely-finished dev versions expecting the userbase to do major crash-testing, or if he is cautious and only makes code available right before a stable release, expecting only minor tweaks from the userbase.  3.x could be barely usable or it could be almost finished.  Dunno.

Later on...

[module] released an initial, alpha version for drupal 6 this morning.  You should assume that it will explode your computer and eat your children, and as such you should not use it for anything mission-critical.

This is what happens when pretty conservative webmasters (and I would most definitely describe my web-tending style as conservative, not cowboy) have projects that

  1. need to get started ASAP
  2. are built on open-source software
  3. can't be completed in-house due to staffing constraints, time constraints, or some other X factor



Because seriously, conservative webmasters keep us all from going insane. *smooch*

I've got these weird unwritten rules for when I'm going to be out of the office for longer than two business days.  If it's just a couple of days, I just lock things down, but if it's a full week, I put the site into full autopilot:  no changes past rock-solid bugfixes for a week prior, setting up content to rotate in and out while I'm gone, and making sure that nothing will go out of date while I'm gone.

A few people at work have noted that they've become VERY accustomed to this predictability over the past two years; they know good and well if I'm vacationing, I've started my prep work for it weeks earlier.

I've never gotten a panicked web-related call while I'm on vacation. I take some pride in that.

You *are* special.  I've seen your Olympics..now let me give you a hug ;)

You need to not open those doors for me...you *KNOW* I will walk through them at some point.