uptempo music + headphones = progress (we hope)

Dearest nerdiverse, through problems not of my own making* I am wearing headphones for about eight hours straight every day, and will likely be doing so every workday for the rest of this month.  As a result, I have a serious, dire, and immediate need to rock out.

See http://www.last.fm/user/domesticat for everything I've listened to since 2004, or better yet see this subpage for what I've listened to in the past year.

Suggestions welcomed, in that wet and sloppy kiss kind of way.



Addendum the first:

* By this I mean we're without a HVAC system at work until the new one is installed, so to keep the production servers cool we're running multiple fans, two window-sized A/C units, and one ancient whole-room system within a few feet of my desk. The resulting ambient noise is at about 100dB and everyone in the department is wearing headphones constantly so they can think over the ThunderDome roar.**

Addendum the second:

** I would also advise not trying to call me at work. I can barely hear the phone.

Addendum the third:

I forgot, I'm smart and can regex data, so here are my top 50 artists for the past 12 months, to help you with ideas:

  1. Bloc Party
  2. XTC
  3. TV on the Radio
  4. The National
  5. MGMT
  6. OceanLab
  7. The Beatles
  8. Arcade Fire
  9. Fleet Foxes
  10. Tori Amos
  11. Panic at the Disco
  12. Cut Copy
  13. The Airborne Toxic Event
  14. Fall Out Boy
  15. Ida
  16. Coldplay
  17. Cobra Starship
  18. Girl Talk
  19. Josh Ritter
  20. The Clash
  21. Mute Math
  22. Beirut
  23. Astral Projection
  24. Cake
  25. Jimmy Eat World
  26. The Gutter Twins
  27. Okkervil River
  28. Stars
  29. Phil Roy
  30. Rusty Truck
  31. Armin van Buuren
  32. Kate Bush
  33. John Mayer
  34. Tegan and Sara
  35. Pendulum
  36. Frightened Rabbit
  37. The Postal Service
  38. Iron & Wine
  39. Blitzen Trapper
  40. Carbon Leaf
  41. The Decemberists
  42. Infected Mushroom
  43. Spock's Beard
  44. Midtown
  45. Underworld
  46. Mead, David
  47. Ra Ra Riot
  48. The New Pornographers
  49. Myon & Shane 54
  50. The Alpha Conspiracy
  51. Ursula 1000
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I recommend my newest source of beats: FoundationKL.org :) Lots of long mixes that I've had a fair bit of success coding to. 

I highly approve of panic at the disco, though my tastes have been (out of character) somewhat sloewr in the past few months, so I don't have a lot to suggest and nothing to offer except sympothies