Today's Drupal story: Do as we say, not as we do

I think every Drupal admin's had this day at least once ... okay, twice ... fine!  Five or six times.  Name changed to protect today's lucky survivor:

[redacted]: Views currently hates me though
[redacted]: actually all of Drupal is probably not happy with me
Amy: ??
[redacted]: but it's getting over it
[redacted]: so uh... when making your custom module
Amy: yeeees?
[redacted]: and copying and pasting the hook_install() and hook_uninstall()
Amy: change the table names?
[redacted]: don't get distracted
[redacted]: and make sure you change the uninstall schema function to uninstall the right schema
Amy: aw hell.
* Amy applauds*
[redacted]: DONT LEAVE IT AT 'content'
[redacted]: had to do an emergency restore of the whole drupal database

I can't say anything. I think I blew away my blocks and boxes tables once.  (Go ahead, drupal admins, wince!)

For non-Drupal geeks:  think rm -rf.
For non-geeks: imagine chunking your passport, your checkbook, and your house keys into a fire.