Home, sweet home

I knew I'd flown one too many times this past week when I walked up to the coffee stand and said, "Oh, when did the coffee machine break? It was working when I was here a few days ago..."

I spent a few days in Washington DC, at Matthew's house. It was an actual vacation, albeit a short one. I felt vaguely ashamed at how I roosted on the couch for the entire weekend, barely moving, but I wasn't ashamed enough to actually get up and do something about it.

My vantage point:

Sewing. Watching Inception. Noshing.on vacation

It was a good, and needed, rest. My unnamed pentagonal hand-sewing project, code-named Bow Tie Pasta, got plenty of love. We watched the entirety of the UK version of The Office (♥), the Rifftrax for Inception, and more. It was absolutely what I needed.

The photo shows my travel sewing kit: dark thread, light thread, magnetic wrist strap for holding needles, seam ripper (doubles nicely as a thread cutter), paper templates, fabric pieces. Over on the right, you'll see the bow ties readied for sewing together; the scissors are Matthew's.

Luckily, hand-sewing is portable! Lately, I seem awfully portable, too... I'm hoping to stay put for a little while.