Happy birthday, Sam and Misty!

Misty gets the best auntie birthday present of all: a nephew born on her birthday … the newest bald member of the Granade family.(*ducks*)

Congratulations to Andrew and Joy, whose first child Samuel Nathan was born today. We're still trying to figure out how someone as small as Joy managed to gestate an eight-pound child without, uh, exploding. (Does the C-section count?)

Of course, it turns out that little Sam scored a 9/10 on his Apgars. Nothing like starting a pattern of high achievement from the start.

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Happy belated birthday, part II

…to Jacob Kekoa Tsark, who apparently took his sweet time getting here on Friday, April 8th. I'll just quote these parts of Kara's email: "20 hours of active labor" and "emergency c-section."Yep, she's definitely got something to hold over this one during his teenage years.

I posted a similar entry, 'Happy belated birthday…,' in January 2003 announcing the birth of Kara and Matt's first son, Danny. A couple of years later, I can follow up what I said there: yep, Kara's a great mom. There's something inherently satisfying and cheering in knowing that the people who should be having kids are having kids. (Time to place yet another round of bets on whether or not the child of two engineers is destined to become an engineer. Check back in about eighteen years.) :D

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For Jody, who will see this eventually -

first breath:
joy, laughter, jubilance, tears
photo ops
congratulatory cards
bassinets and sleep deprivation

first love:
nervousness, sweating, jubilance, tears
and everything in between
photo ops
secret letters
stolen kisses and forever promises

first loss:
disbelief, numbness, anger, tears
no photos
just flowers
and wondering how it all went so fast
from that to this

Ladies and gentlemen....

Miss Elizabeth

We would like to extend a very belated welcome to Miss Elizabeth Jordan, the true subject of the June 5 entry "You've got me. I'm listening.". She made her entrance on the evening of June 17th, weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 10 ounces.

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Happy belated birthday...

…to Daniel Hi'ilani Tsark, who, at 4 lbs. 15 ounces, made his entrance to the world at 3:52 p.m. on January 4th way, way out there in Arizona.Those of you who haven't met Kara have probably seen her comments (as kltsark) here on ', and those of you who have known me for a while know that Kara was partly responsible for Jeff and I meeting in the first place.

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