All your Pyrex are explode to us.

Today's adventure: braised ribs for dinner, right?

Wrong. We got to go to Rosie's.

Believe it or not, the Pyrex pan that I was using in the oven to braise the ribs….exploded in the oven. I kid you not: exploded. Jess took pictures, but she hasn't uploaded them yet. (I'll post them here when she does.)I can't believe the damned pan exploded in the oven. I'd put it in there not five minutes before, and wandered to the computer room to check email. I heard a *pffft*—sounded like the liquid was boiling over—so I went into the kitchen to check.

DINK-y designers ponder getting hired

Tonight: sushi at the local sushi bar. Whee! Service was glacially slow (actually, glaciers were quick in comparison) but the four of us—Margaret, Katharine, Jeff, and myself—had a fine time playing with our chopsticks and telling bad jokes and making fun of previous employers. It was a good thing. I'm sure the people at the next table were wishing we'd shut up, though.

Good news. I've been working through a temp agency for several months now, trying to finish out my contract so that the company I was working AT could make a hiring offer for me. They did so today. Even though I knew it was coming, it was a bit of a relief to finally hear the words "We'd like to bring you on staff permanently."Granted, I know I'm good at what I do. It's just that sometimes, well, you doubt every now and then.

Legacies, lima beans, crowder peas, and other parts of growing up Southern

I ended up having to do a ton of running around today to get all my errands done. One of my last stops was at the farmer's market. I know, I know, I talk a lot about food. It's a fun subject. But I was browsing through all the things that are available fresh at this time of year, and I was reveling in it. The smells were fabulous—fresh peaches, eggs, okra, blueberries, tomatoes, blackberries, and mounds upon mounds of different kinds of beans.

Pantry socks, herb gardens, and dreams of blackberry cobbler

I'm thinking that perhaps I've lost what few vestiges of common sense that I had lying around in my malfunctioning little brain. So it's Monday, July 3, and the husband-spousal-unit-person has the day off and I don't. He stayed up a bit late last night washing clothes, because we were bordering on the "if we don't wash clothes tonight we're going naked tomorrow" thing.

welcome, domesticat.

Alllllrighty. Time to get down to business. I've been doing More Important Things than working on the 'site this week—important things like cuddling on the ever-so-loving felines that allow me to live in the home I'm making mortgage payments on. I've made a new techno CD and called a friend or two, but just haven't had the urge to go home and fire up those good ol' web design skills.

Mea culpa! Mea culpa! So here's a tasty tidbit for you guys. Keep an eye on the happy box to the right—I'll post restaurant reviews as I go to places. There are lots of places in town that I could review, based off of the times that I've eaten there since moving to Huntsville in 1998, but I want my/our reviews to stand as snapshots of a single meal, not a conglomeration of experiences over two years' time.

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