I'm not posting this recipe publicly because I really like Cook's Illustrated, and would definitely recommend that people buy the magazine. Luckily, this is my site, and I can lock entries, which allows me to search for them later when I need them. Once a year or so, I have to go rooting through my stash of back issues of Cook's Illustrated to find That Gingerbread Recipe, because now that I've had it, no other will do.

Karen's bagna cauda recipe

How I managed to forget to document this recipe last year, I do not know, but I did.

This is the bread dip of great evil I break out only once a year: PHE*.  When you read over the ingredients, you'll understand why; our arteries really can't cope with having this dip with any greater frequency.

Karen's baked ziti

It's funny; I remember how this tasted when she made it, and I thought it would be much more complicated. I suspect, as usual, that the devil is thoroughly in the details. If I remember correctly, Karen's version also contained homemade pesto, real parmigiano-reggiano cheese, full-fat ricotta and homemade marinara sauce. I'm betting that's probably why we all fought for rights to fall face-first into the baking dish.

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elixir of the bytecode god

I've held off posting this recipe because it's reverse-engineered from a non-public recipe either created or modified by someone I know. This is how I make the drink tech staffers know as 'apple pie.'

don't forget your maple syrup

All stories aside from this past week (a massive website upgrade, a pulled hamstring, and How I Got Out Of Jury Duty) here's what's on my mind: breakfast at the geekfarm a week from today.There will be a few stragglers staying on past Sunday. I feel this growing urge to stage a geek feeding. Jody was kind enough to point me to this recipe from I am rapidly beginning to suspect that while this bread is neither French nor toast, it is nevertheless a moral imperative that I make it.

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Jody's Caribbean-flavor turkey

Yet another from the Jody Vault, in his attempts to provide me more interesting ways to serve up the healthily-cooked poultry we seem to be consuming a bit of these days. (Reminds me. I need to do a Penzey's order soon. Mmmm, Penzey' personal crack dealer. Any of the locals want to go in on an order?)

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