Amusement, etc.

I was greatly amused by the proposed campaign stickers created [Modern Humorist. Good for those of you who have the "takes offense" toggle set to Off.

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Speaking of overwhelming

I've been trying my best to have a quiet—almost boring—weekend. I think I've managed. Between laundry and cat care and visiting a few friends, what is there to tell? Not much.

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A better day.

Kat and I went to Birmingham today. I think this was a good thing, although I came back tired. We talked a lot.

I also finally found the bathrobe I've been seeking for a couple of years now. Full-length. White. No funky logos. Soft and absorbent. Dilemma—keep for myself, or make available to guests?

Can I get away with both? :)

I've been trying to stick with the drug regimen to help my neck and upper back recover from Thursday's crash. I'm not as painfully tender and sore as yesterday. Today I just ache—and I tire easily. Funny how things like that will mess you up.

I took the muscle relaxant pill about thirty minutes ago. As soon as I finish this, I'm going to bed. I'm starting to get a bit fuzzy-headed again. I don't need them for pain during the day (I'm a tough and creaky old bird) but getting some uninterrupted sleep certainly can't be bad for me.

A quiet Saturday

After an inauspicious start, today got better as it went along. I woke up at six this morning with nasty stomach cramps. The evidence seems to be piling up that I just can't eat pizza any more (sigh.). So I was in and out of the bathroom for a while, then decided (groggily) to sleep in the living room so as not to wake up Jeff.

I ended up dozing on the couch until about eleven. I woke up a lot, especially when the cats were playing (I ended up being a human race track for a short amount of time).It rained today. Not a lot, but every half-inch here and there helps in the drought we've got. Jeff and I headed out for lunch and I actually had to turn on my windshield wipers—it's been quite some time since I've had to do that. After we had lunch, we went shopping for computer desks. I'm not in a position to buy a new one for myself right now, but I will be in a few weeks.

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Today's been one of those good, lazy, but productive Sundays. Stupid me, I went to the white-trash Wal-Mart on University Avenue… dammit, I KNOW better than to go there, and I went anyway, lured in by the cheap prices for stuff.

Of course, the lines were immensely long. I regretted going.

So I finally went home, via a detour to the wondergeeks' apartment. I had to drop some cash off to Heather and Jess—I owed Heather $55 for my Dave Matthews ticket and Jessica $40 for my Sting concert ticket. I've paid them off, like the good friend I am, and no longer feel guilty about them buying tickets for me. Got home, deposited the groceries in the appropriate places, and then settled in for a good nap on the couch. I meant to watch El Postino with Jeff (after all I did rent the movie) but as Dan said, the TV was beaming sleepons at my head and thus I went down for a nice, long, snorey count.

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