New skin: snow-comes

This new skin has been in development since last December, and I'm making it available tonight with a bit of trepidation. I'm about 95% certain that it works, but it's nearly two a.m. now, and having worked on it for quite some time today, it's time to either put up or shut up.'Snow-comes' is one of the designs that has been sitting in my 'incomplete' folder for quite some time, awaiting the creation of the code that would serve as its backbone. The design itself is not terribly difficult, as it's a standard two-column weblog design.

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New skin: ironworks

"Five?" he said, somewhat incredulously. "You have five designs sitting on your computer right now? Why don't you actually finish one of them?"

Not a bad idea, that. Therefore, I present skin number fourteen, "ironworks." It's definitely for CSS-capable browsers. If you're interested, wander over to the skins page and take a look.

Who knows, maybe I'll finish the other four unfinished designs, too. Post comments if you run into any problems, or (better yet) can confirm happiness in browsers aside from IE6 and Mozilla.

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New skin: twenty-one

Today, I was the solitary Scrabble girl. I kissed Jeff goodbye and shooed him out the door to go work the marching contest back at his alma mater, then proceeded to work on a new design.

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Hiding out in the back of the house...

All is quiet here in west Alabama. I am tucked away, typing merrily, in the back bedroom of the house, still not quite dressed for the day. I doubt seriously that anyone else even knows that I'm up yet, which is fine by me. I like having a bit of time in the morning between wakefulness and conversation that allows me time to gather my thoughts, settle the last remaining embers of dreams into the dustbin of the day, and ease into the day as I'm ready.

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New skin: glacial

As promised, I've made available another new skin, "glacial." This skin is intended to serve as a companion to 'pazdziernika' (autumn) and as an equal and opposite to 'gothgirl.' It's light—snow and ice—as opposed to the intense earthy colors of autumn.

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Site renovations...

The next stage of the domesticat overhaul has been taking place today, behind the scenes. I apologize for those of you who have stumbled by while I was in the midst of changes.

Most of them have revolved around the installation of the newest skin, pazdziernika.What the heck? If you're asking that, you aren't the first person—that honor goes to the friend earlier today who blurted out, "Ames, when did you start sticking random Polish words into your skins?"

The answer: it isn't entirely random.

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