Susie's Qabili Pilau

Not my recipe; this recipe for qabili pilau (lamb and yellow rice with carrots and raisins) was passed along to us by Noah's friend Susie, and we ate it and loved every bit. Source is unknown. It's fragrant without being spicy-hot (though it could be easily changed to be so) and while it has a few steps, it's worth every one.

Qabili Pilau

Serves 4. 

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Searching for the end of the road

It is so quiet here in the house. It's just after eleven. Jeff still isn't home. He called the apartment while I was over there, watching the second installment of Dune with Heather, Jess, and Kat. Something about a paper—or a test—or something. I don't know; he spoke to Heather and not to me.

I feel better than yesterday, but that's not saying much. The muscles in my stomach ache, and I'm still finding the idea of food more appealing than its actual counterpart.

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