valentine's day

Cupid my letter carrier

I have something to confess. I refuse to hate Valentine's Day.

The counting of blessings.

A day of mixed emotions: thoughts both happy and mundane. Ranging from "I should cook something nice tomorrow since it's Valentine's Day" to "I should remember to set out the recyclables for pickup today."

I haven't written much lately, and I know it's concerned some people who are close to me. You're right to be concerned—silence, on my part, is an indication that something isn't wholly right with me. You're correct to assume that if I stop writing—something I care as much about as I do that particular activity—that there's something going on in my mind equally important.The overwhelming majority of my life has been uneventful, but punctured with moments worthy of remembrance, both pleasant and unpleasant. I fear I am verging on remembrance.