Video: do something unexpected

I got passed this link from Patrick's twitter feed.  This is how to rock out your wedding.  (Original link here)

Turn on your speakers and smile for a few minutes.


For moments like these

Those of us who make handmade gifts wait for moments like these:

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Tales from the Furlough #1: not dead, no video

Furlough, night one. A lazy night drive, a stop off at Sonic for tots and limeade, leads us to north Georgia.

Most of the wedding party is out making a late-night run to Waffle House. I need sleep more than I need caffeine, so I'm staying here at the house instead, winding down slowly and typing myself to sleep. Jeff has the video camera and I trust he'll capture anything that's awesome.

Congratulations to Jason and Crystal

Congratulations to Jason and Crystal, who threw a rockin' masquerade-themed wedding on top of Burritt Mountain last night.  A few of us:

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I bet this goes over well.

Background to this email: Jeff's and my 10th anniversary is in late July. We found out last week that instead of the fall, as we'd been told, my mother's wedding would actually be on Saturday, August 2 in central Arkansas. We had made trip plans months ago, which required changing in order to make it to the wedding. (It's about a 7.5-hour drive each way from Huntsville to my hometown.)

The last part won't go over well. I have little doubt of that.

Mom -