weight loss


199.75.That's all.

(Need an explanation?)

You'll have to excuse me. I've been waiting to celebrate this day for ten months.

More after I have my ice cream.

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Normal is a sports bra

Filed under "Something ELSE I have to do while in Colorado in January":

For several months now, I've seen recommendations for a company called Title Nine Sports. I finally researched them tonight, and it turns out they're a woman-owned company whose sole intent & purpose is to design and sell sportswear for women — and NOT just women whose cup size is an A or B.

Yeah, that's right. Turns out I'm not the only woman doing serious exercise who wears greater than a C cup. Who knew? Not me!

Weighted windmills

I got reminded last night of two things: why I write here, and why I haven't written here lately.

It's been a damn hard week. It's not over yet, and next week may well be just as tough as this one's been.

* * * * *

The simplest version of the statement is this: women weigh more than men would really like to think we do. I am living proof that the 5'2", 120-pound woman is a stereotype, and not one that is always based in reality. (Jessica, you may be that woman … but I'm just not.)

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Snowfree crash

I've discovered that a lot of the really nasty events in life start out with my saying, "But I thought I was fine!"

I've gotten sugar-crashy in a lot of different places, but through usage of Gatorade and Zone Bars I've always managed to avoid entirely misplacing my blood sugar while exercising. A good thing, since I seem to exercise a lot these days, and I suspected I'd have a spectacular time of it if I managed to have such a beastie in one of my Places Of Workout.

Well, see, I thought I was fine!

A good little stomp

I always get kinda thinky on this day. Don't mind me; it'll pass. It was just a day picked by my mother's obstetrician, but somewhere along the way, along the years, it became 'my' day.(Hey, I was breech, and my mother was tiny. They took no chances…and you in the back, the one that just piped up and said "Even from birth you were determined to show your ass!" -- I heard that, you little prankster. No cookies for you!)


Yesterday, I faced the water for the first time in a month.

I hadn't planned on being gone this long, but sometimes life conspires with the gods, and we short, somewhat red-headed mortals have no choice but to acquiesce.

There was the preparation for dragon*con, then there was the [food poisoning | stomach flu], then the "con crud" that Jeff and I passed back and forth to each other, then the drives to/from Atlanta that bookended my trip to Colorado, and suddenly it was … October?

It stopped me short when I realized it - October, already? When did that happen?

I had been out of the gym for a month, and it was time to get back in there. I'm not done, not by a long shot, even though the photos tell me I look better now than I have in years. Still, I kept putting off renewing my swim membership, thinking that I'd just wait 'one more day' and then I'd get around to it, really…