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sweet dreams and flying machines

I cried in a dressing room today. Wasn't much, just a tear or two, and only for a moment, but whether or not I feel embarrassment admitting it, it did happen.

I've told a lot of people that I can't quite see the changes that have been happening to me in the past three months, but that's not exactly the truth. I see small things: changes in tautness of skin, the return of a dimple that I haven't seen in several years. Just not what the rest of you are apparently seeing.

Nine out of muscle, one out of mean

I've posed this question to my spouse and two of my friends, but I'll pose it to you, gentle reader: what is it about a woman doing a bench press that fascinates men to no end? I do a lot of weight-bearing exercises in the gym (as Jody, who tagged along during Friday's workout, can attest) but nothing gets a raised eyebrow quite like a girl making nice with a bench press.

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Sneaky spotters

Some weeks are so bad you want to quit.

Some days you wake up and know that the fight is in you.

Over the past few days I've had a couple of people make offhanded glances or comments that make it clear to me that workout-related changes are starting to become apparent to other people.

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Goal jeans #2

Goal jeans #2? Check.

After a truly horrendous, soul-eating week, I am now in the size 18 jeans.

Fair warning, size 16 jeans that I've ordered: you're next, babe.

(No mercy, no quarter, no surrender? Right on.)

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Week of suck; goal jeans #2

I write a lot about the successes I have in trying to get healthy and lose weight because I know it encourages my friends who are going through - or just thinking about going through - the same process. Judging by what I've seen happen amongst my friends since I started talking about this process back in January, sometimes all a friend needs to get started on the process of wellness is to hear someone else talk honestly about the process.

In the process of getting healthy there are plenty of days when you just know that you're doing what is right for yourself, and you need no additional encouragement. But there are other days, other weeks, that we don't always like to talk about. The weeks where the weight doesn't drop, the workouts are a struggle, and the only thought racing around in your head is "Why the hell do I bother?"

It just hasn't been a good week.

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the bunny and the rat

Gym bunnies: a term so ubiquitous that even many non-exercisers know it, despite never having encountered an actual example. They are the ricers of the workout world; the ones who are utterly preoccupied with how good they look while exercising, while caring little to nothing about actual performance.Scarlett's descendants waltz gently through the gym, never picking up any but the lightest of dumbbells because, as they'll tell you, "I'm just here to tone my muscles." Meanwhile, they scope out the male exercisers, and when they find one that suits their needs, suddenly it's time for them to try to bench-press the bar...and of course, they need a large, manly spotter to help them.

I'm never certain what amazes me more: the fact that women feel the need to resort to acting like brainless cream puffs to get the attention to men, or the fact that some men actually take the bait.

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