Fear and loathing in metro DC

Those of you who are on the mailing list (end shameless plug!) know that my lack of posts lately has to do with my inexplicable desire to go on vacation.

I'm currently quite cozy in Heather and Andy's 'bunker' - otherwise known as their basement-turned-geek-area.Twelve hours of driving, it was. Would've been less if I hadn't stopped for gas / leg-stretching as many times as I did. The best part - discovering that Geof was heading south as I was heading north. We kept track of each other's locations throughout the morning, and figured out that Roanoke, VA would be where we'd meet.

So we picked an exit, pulled off, and had lunch. He headed south, back to Alabama, and I continued north to Maryland.

Dinner's cooking. Cats are sleeping. I've got knitting on the couch. It's a little hard to believe that good friends, whom I see so rarely, are actually sitting in the same room as I am.

Brad - Brad! - is sitting at the other computer in this room. Normally I have to stay up well past midnight my time to even be able to call him (given that he's five hours behind my time zone). Andy's hanging out and channel-surfing. Heather's cooking dinner.

To think I almost didn't make the drive…

(silly girl.)

Entries will return when I return home. Unless I get the urge to sit down and write. Meanwhile, we'll be ducking snipers, making tasteless sniper jokes (how else does one cope with such a situation?), playing endless rounds of Settlers, and generally just being Vacation Amy for a few days.

Home in a few days. Keep the misbehaving to a minimum, dears!


Ye gods. 5:20 a.m., brad just went to get another beer, and we're furiously talking movies as fast as we can remember names and titles. this is going to HURT in the morning. Oh, wait, it IS morning. Oh dear.

tee hee hee ... I am jealous ...

Small update - when I pulled the covers over my head, I hit the light button on my watch to see what time it was. 7:03 a.m. Worth every moment. Tonight, I shall sleep soundly.