Christmas 2: Electric Bugaloo

twinkle, twinkle, little star

you're older than you feel you are

Me, twenty years ago.

Christmas, twenty years ago. Events stay the same. It's we that change.

I am, however, required to notify you all that due to circumstances beyond our control, Chris and I are sponsoring a new holiday this year. Say hello to Christmas 2: Electric Bugaloo.

January 1. Mark your calendar. For everyone who has a crappy Christmas, can't go home, had to go home, or just didn't have the holiday you wanted...January 1 is your day.

Drink what you want. (Southern Comfort is an unofficial sponsor of our celebration.)

Wear what you want. (Cat pajamas and giant Sylvester slippers.)

Only celebrate it with people you like.

For now, headed to Ye Olde Ancestral Abode for celebration of Christmas 1. I may have to wear the cat pants just as advertisement for C2:EB.


The best thing about this shot is the appearance of a cigarette within it. No way in hell kid photos of mine show up on my site ... ever. ;)

Yeah. That's my father in the background, and both of my parents were/are heavy smokers. Kinda hard to get photos of them without getting a photo of a cigarette. I carefully restrict the availability of kid photos. In the entire time has existed, I think this is only the second larval-stage photo of me to show up on the site. I guess it makes sense, the child of two smokers turning out to be such a vehement nonsmoker...