When nerds party

Here's what my friends do on Sunday mornings when they roost at my house.

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I believe at one point during the morning I blurted out, "We bought bigger and better couches, and here we are, piled up in the far smaller room on the far smaller couches.  This makes no sense to me."

Things I love about this photo that aren't immediately obvious:

  • We're all clearly still in our pajamas, but our laptops are already open.
  • If you look around, you'll see coffee cups.
  • Chris (far left for you) is customizing my old laptop, which I gave him after getting my new one.  It's not good for much but websurfing, but if he can get use out of it, why recycle it?
  • Dana and Asai are bugging Crispy to see what's on his laptop.
  • There's all kinds of quilt crap on the table.
  • Brian is laughing at me because I'm attempting to soothe Edmund ... without allowing him in my lap.  Why?  I had a laptop there, dammit!
  • Every person in that photo has a twitter account (@imevilduckie, @binkykitty, @itarille, @pagemasterjim, @whatthecast, @domesticat)

Photo taken by @jiggy.  Missing:  Jeff.  (@jmcclure)

I'm wondering what it would take to ratchet up the geekiness in this photo.  Will have to give that some thought.

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It's always disconcerting to see Edmund in perspective with humans.  My cats really ARE enormous.


For added geekiness: you need a costume accessory stashed in a corner: a hoop skirt, a Darth Vader mask, etc.   A wall-mounted sword wouldn't hurt.  And someone should be wearing horns, cat ears, or elf ears.

No @edmund or @fang ?

Penguin/Tux stickers on the back of latptos.