The cult of the slanket

Please hand me my cult card; I own a slanket, and now my friends have experienced it for themselves.

It's the simplest thing, really: a blanket with sleeves.  It's been a couch mainstay in cold weather ever since Adam gave it to me last year.  My inability to stay warm in the wintertime is well known, and he thought it would work well for his goofy friend who couldn't stay warm but who still wanted to work on her laptop on the couch.

I'll admit it.  I dogged it.  So did Jeff.  Then I put it on, realized I was warm but still productive, and I informed everyone within arm's-reach that I'd cut anyone who tried to steal it.  Fast-forward to this unseasonably frigid weekend, when single-digit temps sent all six of my houseguests scurrying for blankets.  The pattern held:  gentle teasing followed by hey, that's warm, and no, you can't have it back.

I was asked about the difference between the slanket and some of the similarly-named items.  As far as I can tell, the slanket appears to be made of heavier fabric.  I can't speak to the other, similar items, but mine is warm, reasonably heavy, and well-made.

I feel vaguely cultish, and I'm aware I look like a perky Druid in the thing, but you know what?  warmth > pride.  Well, usually.  (I have my limits.)  Now I just have to defend the damn thing from my covetous friends.


 I've always wanted one as well, but never have been able to purchase, neat to know it is actually of use :D

You can't have mine. :)

(Or, more correctly, you may not have the slanket I am time-sharing with my cats.)  There, that better, Tenzing?

 LOL, no no, I'm no slanket thief! :D Just wish I could have one, but have no credit card with which to order... :)

You say "Perky Druid" like it's a bad thing. Personally, I think the world is ready for a duidic teen pop music quartet.

Can they have bunny ears?  That would be awesome.

Hmmmmm... I don't know, that's starting to sound suspiciously like J-Pop...

I dunno ... I think I've worked dragon*con for too many years, because this doesn't even register on my That's So Wrong radar...

(Wrong for me now is "three hundred pound man wearing a Sailor Moon outfit." Did I mention the beard stubble?)